While there are a few excuses and reasons for not cleaning in your business, there are some serious risks associated with this necessary task that should be considered, especially in a business and facility setting. Not only is it beneficial to clean for health purposes but safer for employees who don’t have experience in the custodial field. Not knowing how to clean and or be safe about the task can have some consequences. When it comes to cleaning floors, its common among cleaners to suffer from slip-and-fall injuries because of wet surfaces. Other hazards include, climbing ladders, moving heavy objects and so much more. Also, the continuous bending and twisting that comes with cleaning can result in some serious back injuries.

Businesses who assign these types of cleaning duties to their employees could be putting them and their company at risk. Consider the following before picking up that broom and dustpan or asking one of your employees to do it.

Liability Insurance Requirements

Whether you have a dedicated custodian or assign cleaning duties to various employees, there are many liability risks to be aware of. Not only do these risks apply to your employees but clients and potential visitors as well. When a reputable professional cleaning service is hired they will ensure that all safety measures are taken, proper signage is displayed, and most importantly, will have proper liability in place. Should a serious incident occur at your business due to the cleaning of the facility, the commercial cleaning company’s liability insurance can provide coverage for any damage; which means nothing to worry about for you and your business.

If an injury were to occur with one of your employees while washing windows or performing other cleaning tasks, it would decrease your employees productivity and morale. Not only that, your workers’ compensation insurance would have to cover any injuries sustained while on the job. Not only will you have an injured employee who is not able to do their tasks, but you’ll incur a costly work comp claim and a potential increase in premiums.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration requires all facilities to be clean, sanitary, in serviceable condition and expects the employer to establish and implement a schedule for cleaning and supplying each facility what they need. Some industries may require the use of more toxic cleaning chemicals, which can irritate skin, burn eyes and cause lung damage if not handled properly. Storage is another concern in itself as well. Proper storage of harsh chemicals is important for health reasons. OSHA has even issued a bulletin on the hazards of harsh cleaning products and protective measures. It’s important to be aware of all these issues before having an OSHA inspector come to your facility.

Cleaning Product Safety

As mentioned above, there are quite few cleaning products that are hazardous to your health that every business should be aware of. It’s also very important to always have on protective clothing, gloves, and safety goggles when handling these strong chemicals. Sometimes proper training may be required as well. Luckily, there are trained professionals who are equipped with the right gear, less harsh chemicals, and types of chemical resistant safety gear to get the job done. They’ll also know which cleaning solutions should not be used in combination with each other to avoid potential adverse chemical reactions that produce toxic fumes and can result in respiratory complications. With that being said, when taking care of your own cleaning, it’s important to learn about all the chemical risks and ways to avoid them.

Decreased Worker Productivity

Cleaning takes time and having employees deal with the task takes them away from their primary work. It reduces productivity immensely and even distracts them which means their normal duties are not being completed in a timely manner. Consider an employee’s salary and the time spent cleaning to determine whether it’s more cost-effective to outsource these functions. Many times, when the cleaning is up to employees, it also reduces morale and increases negativity in an office. Many employees come to work, not deal with a coworker’s mess.

Hiring A Janitor

You decided to hire a full-time employee dedicated as a custodian. What that will bring is more than his or her salary. There are additional costs associated with a new hire, such as benefits, workers’ comp, getting the tools needed, training, storage places, etc. This side of a custodial employee is underestimated many times, and it is overlooked when it comes to adequate cleaning supplies, inventory numbers, and any more necessary equipment needed for a proper janitor. This all falls under the responsibly of the company. On the other hand, when an organization chooses to partner with a cleaning service, its cleaning experts come equipped with everything they need to get the job done right, in a timely manner, and they implement the correct safety measures.

When looking at the overall costs, the many risks, and time associated with cleaning your own business, it’s clear that outsourcing those functions makes sense. Reach out to a professional commercial cleaning service like LM Commercial. From routine maintenance to window washing to industrial clean-up, our full-service commercial cleaning services can help you mitigate the risks and demonstrate to your employees that you care.