Our Move in /Move Out Office Cleaning Checklist

Whether you’re moving out or moving in to a new office, there are a couple of tasks you’ll want to make sure to check off in every office:

  1. Repair any damaged lighting fixtures or permanent wall furniture.
  2. Dust each room with a focus on corners, windows, doors, blinds, baseboards, ceiling fans, and light fixtures. A helpful tip is using microfiber towels. They can cut down on allergens.
  3. Make sure to vacuum every room.
  4. For wood or tile, take the extra step and mop the floors as well and do a deep carpet clean.
  5. Remove nails, screws, hooks, and other hardware from the walls and ceilings. Fill remaining holes with putty, then paint.

Once these larger tasks are taken care of, it’s time for you to go to each office and make sure that everything is clean and tidy. Here is are our office cleaning checklist you’ll want to have on hand!

Cleaning Waiting Area, Front Area, Offices

  1. After everything has been dusted, use an all-purpose cleaner to wipe down window sills and frames, ceiling fans, lighting elements, and any other built-in furniture like shelves or cabinets.
  2. Use glass cleaner and newspapers to clean the windows.
  3. If the office has a fireplace, make sure to clean out all the ashes!
  4. Don’t forget about the air vents and replace filters.
  5. Finish up by vacuuming and spot cleaning carpet stains or better yet get a deep carpet clean.

Office Bathrooms

  1. Our tip is to clean exhaust fans first, since its likely to make a mess.
  2. Clean out drawers and cabinets.
  3. Use an all-purpose cleaner for walls, doors, towel racks, light fixtures — but not the toilet, mirrors, and tub.
  4. Scrub the toilet with a specialized cleaner. Don’t miss the base, where dust often collects.
  5. Don’t forget soap dishes.
  6. Clean the vanity countertop, scrub the sink, and shine the faucets.
  7. Vacuum the floor, then mop it.
  8. Apply grout cleaner early so it has time to sit.
  9. Last, don’t forget to clean the mirror!

Office Kitchen

  1. Not all, but a few offices have an oven if this is the case with your office and it has a self-cleaning option, use it. Then clean the hood and exhaust fan.
  2. If applicable, clean the inside of the office fridge and freezer then move to the exterior. Repeat the same process for the microwave and move both appliances, so you’re able to clean behind and below them.
  3. Clean out drawers, cabinets, and shelves. Don’t forget to toss old liners and don’t forget about the outside cabinet.
  4. Empty the garbage disposal and all trash.
  5. Scrub countertops starting with the area surrounding the stove, as it’s typically the messiest and needs more scrubbing. Then clean the faucet and sink. Don’t forget to give the inside of the sink a thorough cleaning as well.
  6. Vacuum then mop the floors with a specialized cleaner for wood or tile.

Cleaning Office Entry Ways, Hallways, Exits

  1. Move any debris by hand, paper towel or with a leaf blower. Make sure you don’t miss the cobwebs and those sticky corners!
  2. Sweep or blow away any extra dirt.
  3. Scrub out any stains on the hallways in the office.
  4. Make sure grass, bushes, and trees aren’t overgrown and weeds are taken out. Maybe consider hiring a lawn maintenance business.
  5. If outdoor trash or recycling bins are dirty, clean them and put them in their designated area.
  6. If applicable, paint the patches or stains outside your office building.

Office Parking Lot

  1. Make sure any trash is picked up and leaves are blown away.
  2. If the cement has stains, you can scrub using a stiff brush, detergent and degreaser.
  3. Make sure to throw away old rugs from the front office entrance

Consider Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Service

Even though this checklist is helpful in organizing your cleaning tasks around the office before or after a move, oftentimes, many business owners find themselves too busy and overwhelmed with packing and physically moving that they rather not clean and end up losing their deposit or paying more money. If you’re in the same boat, you might want to hire a professional Commercial cleaning service, that can not only go through this list quickly, but deep clean as well in difficult areas. Click here to get a free cleaning quote today!