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Detailed Home Cleaning, For Your Office

At LM Commercial Cleaning, we take great pride in our office cleaning and janitorial services. We consider it a privilege to clean your commercial office and an honor to provide you with a fresh, clean work environment. Our clients leave their cleaning needs to LM Commercial Cleaning.

Our mission is to provide premium cleaning services. While being fully bonded and insured, we have built a solid reputation and earned the trust of many businesses.

We offer commercial cleaning and office cleaning on a schedule to fit your needs. Contact us today for a free quote (903) 257-3399 and ask us about our 24-hour satisfaction guarantee.

Our Values are Your Values

Customer Satisfaction

We strive to be the business our clients praise and refer, anticipate and celebrate, recognize for over-delivering, and return to again and again.

Our Environment

We strive to be a true leader in eco-friendly business practices, trusted for our use of responsible and sustainable products while helping our clients reduce their carbon footprint.

Health and Well-being

We strive to provide an atmosphere that not only looks and smells fresh but also promotes optimal health and well-being for our clients and their families.


We strive to provide the best value for our client’s dollar, concentrating our time on the areas most important to you while maintaining fair and affordable rates.

We Use Eco-Friendly Products

All of our products are Green products, and we recently wrapped up testing with a chemist. He has helped us create custom cleaning products that we use to clean both homes and businesses. Working with a private chemist allowed us to customize the cleaning products so that not only do they do the best job of cleaning your office or home in the safest way but they also smell good. No one wants their office to smell like a Clorox bottle or like a chemistry experiment.

The products are so new that we don’t even have names for them. We just know at this point what each product does and that they are superior to what is commercially available in every way. They make our job easier and our customers happy.

Office Cleaning Tyler

Our Story

At the age of 15, I started cleaning homes with my mom in Mineola Texas. After graduating from High School, I moved to Ft. Worth and then to Galveston TX. While in Galveston, I noticed a need for residential cleaning services and at the time I had met someone that was in the property management business who had an in-house cleaning crew. I asked him why he had his crew instead of hiring someone else. He was quick to tell me that he could not find anyone to clean his way, so he hired his crews to handle the cleaning. I researched the business even more and decided to break out and start my own cleaning business.

After several years in the Residential cleaning business, I branched out into commercial cleaning and found out there was a big need there as well. I quickly realized that the commercial industry wanted someone that would clean their business like they cleaned their homes and that is how I train my employees. I train every cleaning Pro to clean a business, just as you would clean someones home.

It has been five years since I started my own business and I love every aspect of the cleaning business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some commonly asked questions about our business and our commercial cleaning abilities.

Does the company do their own work or do they subcontract out?

We perform all of our work using our personally trained staff

What is their employee turnover rate?

We have a very low turn over rate. Many employees have been with us since the very 1st day.

What do their cleaning services include?

When it comes to cleaning a facility there is very little that work that we do not perform.

Do they do quality assurance inspections?

Most definitely.

Are all the cleaners background checked?

We perform all necessary checks on our employees.

What is their average client longevity?

Most of our clients have been with us since we began.

Do they use environmentally friendly products and or equipment?

We most definitely do and we also use custom products designed and tested by our chemist.

Is the company a women owned business enterprise and/or minority business enterprise?

(WBE, MBE) Lauras Miads ~ LM Cleaning is both, woman owned and minority owned.

What are the training requirements for their workers?

All employees are put through 160 hours of training.

What customer service systems do they have in place?

Laura is hands on and personally inspects locations to insure quality control.

Are you able to contact them when you need to?

(Lots of janitorial work is done at night so it can be difficult to contact self-employed vendors in the morning.) Our phones are answered 24/7 365 days out of the year by a live person

How and when would they be communicating with you (e.g. phone, email, in-person)?

We pride ourselves by contacting everyone in person quite often and we stay in touch over the phone & via email to ensure that there are no issues.

Do they carry liability insurance and what are their coverage limits?

We carry high limits of Insurance.