5 Tips to Transitioning your Business from Winter to Spring

It’s that time of the year again.

Though the weather in Texas is a bit bipolar, we can feel the early whiffs of Spring making its way. From pollen to rain, we all experience the changes in one form or another. For many, it’s their business cleaning needs that change. When it comes to getting ready for the Spring weather, doing a thorough and more detailed cleaning of your business is important to ensure you’re not having any issues that arise when the weather changes. Business’ tend to accumulate a good bit of dirt, germs, and dust from the winter season. For example, all the muddy shoes that have tracked residue into your facility, dirty windows from cold rain or spontaneous snowy days. All things considered, it’s important to transition your business from Winter to Spring.

Here are a few key items to pay attention to when you undergo Spring cleaning at your commercial property.

In-depth Dusting

Also known as, ‘those pesky places that no one cleans regularly this can include air vents, wall corners, tops of doors, ceiling fans, behind computer desks, and so much more. Going through your facility and analyzing those tough places may be time-consuming but can make a huge difference. Remember though, to protect yourself and your employees from allergies due to dust bunnies as Spring commences. The more you can do to alleviate any irritants in advance though will immensely benefit the entire facility.

Pressure Washing

You might not think that taking care of your sidewalks or entrance will make that much of a difference to the appearance of your facility, but it’s surprising how big of an impact a good cleaning can make. The before and after is a huge difference when it comes to lingering snow, muddy patches, and debris after the Winter season. With a good pressure wash on your sidewalks, in-between your tile floors, wood floors, etc. you’ll be pleased with the results. And this is something you can schedule yearly, or as seasons change!

Deep Carpet Clean

Employees and customers track in all sorts of residue and dirt from the outdoors on a daily basis, but this is extremely common during the Winter time. After a season of muddy rain, snowy days, and overall germs and bacteria that latch on, it’s important to take into consideration some serious carpet cleaning. A deep clean of your carpet will lift any dirt, stains, germs, and bacteria more than a traditional carpet cleaner or vacuum would. Achieving this deep clean for a season change is perfect in not only keeping the facility safe from germs, but will keep your carpet in great condition longer.

If deep cleaning is too much of a hassle, consider hiring a professional cleaning service who are skilled in this area.


Clients, children, employees, friends, pets, you name it, use your facilities furniture. You can only imagine how much dirt, stains, germs, etc., has accumulated over time. Especially during the Winter season when flu, colds, and runny noses are in full swing. With the arrival of a warmer season, it’s a good idea to make sure that your furniture has been thoroughly cleaned. Not only will this eliminate dirt, germs, and stains, it will extend the life of your furniture. Scheduling annual cleanings for upholstery is a good investment and will save you from having to replace pieces as often.

Cleaning Windows

Most likely your windows have been pelted during the Winter season with rain, hail, snow, and grime. To get them ready for the Spring sun, scheduling a window clean is crucial. Unless you or your employees want to get on ladder and tackle the task, it’s easier and safer to hire a cleaning company; this will ensure they are crystal clear and a cloudy film isn’t visible when the Texas sun arrives and shines through your windows.

Spring cleaning is no joke, and we take it seriously when it comes to a clean facility rid of germs and dirt. If transitioning from Winter to Spring becomes too much of a hassle, let LM Commercial help. We offer a variety of deep cleaning services.